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Advance Computing - No Waste

A Guide To Cutting Waste in the
Agribusiness Supply Chain

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A Guide To Cutting Waste in the Agribusiness Supply Chain

Advance Computing - No Waste

Reducing Waste

Waste is everywhere, as are opportunities for efficiency. In the developed world, food waste along the supply chain is a huge problem.

Though agribusiness is a strong and profitable sector here in Australia, waste is a major issue, and too many agribusinesses operate with limited visibility over their supply chain. This can result in eroding margins, the loss of key customers, and unnecessary labour costs.

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Technology is playing an increasingly important role in the sector, driving greater insight, maximising productivity and minimising waste.

  • Learn about the changing role of technology and what the future looks like for agribusiness.
  • Find out how you can overcome issues brought on by excessive waste.
  • Hear about Kagome Australia's industry-leading implementation of supply chain technology.
  • See how Microsoft technology can deliver benefits such as increased visibility, real-time insights and more.
  • Understand the next steps in implementing a supply chain solution in your agribusiness.

What you'll learn


Understand the challenges facing Australian agribusiness owners, both locally and globally, and the increasingly important part that technology plays in the sector. Learn how the right technology solution can streamline the agribusiness supply chain, provide far greater visibility, redue waste and increase profits.


Hear how one of Australia's largest tomato producers, Kagome Australia, used technology to reduce waste across its supply chain and generate a staggering return on investment in the first year of over 500 per cent.


Learn more about the technology solutions available to agribusinesses and how a solution could potentially be applied to your operation. Understand the key benefits, and understand the staged roll-out opportunities.


Find out about Advance Computing's implementation process. Hear first-hand from clients regarding information gathering, how long the process takes and how clients manage their budgets and more.

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How can Advance Computing help your agribusiness?

At Advance Computing, we contribute extensive farming know-how, as well as expertise in technology and systems integration, to maximise intelligence and efficiency of how farms work. We are also a proud Microsoft partner. In 2016, we received a Microsoft Australia Partner Award for excellence in regional customers, and in 2015, we were a Microsoft Australia Partner Award finalist for excellence in small and mid-market cloud solutions.

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